crossfit shinobi

CrossFit Shinobi


A rainy day in WInnipeg. We pulled up to the venue and my hopes for the day, the show, and my box drop in were equally high. The MTS Centre is an awesome venue, essentially right downtown. The Canadian run overall had been exceptional, and my only other box experience in Winnipeg (Crossfit 204) was a great time, I expected nothing less from today’s box – CrossFit Shinobi. I had already heard back from the head coach and had a time cleared for me to drop in. I set out on foot, running through the mist, careful to memorize the entire trip, as our phones don’t work internationally.

As I rounded my last corner and proceeded to the intersection I was given as the destination’s address, I looked and saw a man with a beamng smile yelling and waving me down. It was Rich Thomas, head coach and owner of CrossFit Shinobi. He was extremely friendly and beyond excited, as was I. We started talking and didn’t stop for 20min+… programming, which Rich does in house, personal training, his rise from the 1-on-1 training to his passion for CrossFit, athletic backgrounds, experiences, even nutrition and his new obsession for GOOD coffee – including high amounts of full fat butter/cream. We talked about the Canadian West Region and Tyson (from 204) and Rich marveled at Tyson’s athleticism combined with his work ethic. The respect and knowledge of Rich was impressive. An extremely friendly, hard working, honest man, doing what he loves. It was inspiring.

We finally slowed the conversation and I got to work on my day’s WOD – a Max calorie 10min Row… BLAH!!! Rich was a great host, offering to allow me to choose the music, which I declined, and as soon as my WOD was finished, and I could breath, we picked right back up in our conversation. Shinobi is newly opened and one of the smaller boxes I’ve visited, nonetheless, it was fully equipped with a rig, bars, custom boxes, row ergs, kettlebells, and your essential bumpers. We mobilized and post-stretched and Rich was quick to offer me a ride back to the venue. I entertained the idea and we continued our conversation of travel and life. A great time.

I love experiences all the different shapes and sizes of boxes. Much like people, each one has it’s own personality, it’s own character and it’s own unique contents of equipment. Every one is special and unique in it’s own way. The one cohesive factor is the love and community built around people. People who want to better themselves, in fitness and in life. CrossFitters are ambitious, motivated, and resilient. I’m ever so proud of this community. Thank you for letting me be a part of your beautiful world.